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Andrew Farr’s critically acclaimed tribute to the brilliant Piaf is not just a concert, it’s far more. It is an insight into the life of the woman, born of circus performers and raised in a brothel by her grandmother, her rise to fame and to notoriety, her conquering of America, her love of men in uniform and her love of life’s excesses too.

Farr’s performance is extraordinary, he simply becomes the diminutive chanteuse, the voice is perfect, each move and nuance simply oozes the essence of Piaf and for the last few years this extraordinary show has been wowing audiences at festivals and across the UK.

Farr’s passion for Piaf goes back to his childhood but was refined and honed whilst working in Paris where he had a regular spot performing her songs in a small bar and restaurant. Now he performs his self penned tribute for audiences who leave feeling that they have experienced the real thing.